An anemometer specifically designed for the crane driver including:

 • In the cabin :

The AN41 with dual display (digital and bargraph) delivers instantaneous wind speed. It provides two alarm thresholds both activating visual and audible alarms.

As standard , the pre-alarm is set to 50km/h (14m/s) and the alarm to 72km/h (20m/s).


• At the top of the crane :

The TR41 sensor with plastic made body and cups also used in maritime activities transmits wind speed to the AN41

  • Outside, usually near the cabin :

The KS41 signaling kit to inform all site personnel with an orange flash light for the pre-alarm and a red one plus powerful siren for the alarm. 


The three items, display ( AN41 ) + transmitter ( TR41 ) + signaling kit ( KS41 ) make this anemometer system comply with the 15/11/1995 recommendation of the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) .


Simple stand-alone anemometer powered by two batteries (AA ) 1.5V . The AN10 is both very precise and highly competitive in price.

It displays the wind speed on a three digits screen and can be setup in km/h, mph or m/s


the display box is installed in a weather protected place and is mounted on a metal part with magnets fitted at its back. 


The wind recorder provides a clear, simple and instantaneous view of the wind speed as well as easy access to the wind speed history.

It is a supplementary equipment that can be crucial to show the contractor the impossibility of using the cranes for example due to high winds prohibiting the use of the cranes.

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