Crane cameras


A bird’s-eye view of your site

Tower cranes, whether fixed or mobile, are essential elements in the construction process. From a central position, each crane covers a large part of the site but, despite his high location, the crane operator often faces difficulties seeing his entire working area and, as the construction progresses, his visibility typically decreases.

Located directly above the hook, a camera offers a continuous and uninterrupted view of the load helping the driver to maintain safe control in any situation.


A crane operator works around 40% of his time without direct view of his load.

A hidden loading bay, an adjacent historical monument, basement areas and high winds are all situations where the hook camera increases confidence and security of operations for the crane driver, improvessafety for personnel on the ground, reduces cycle times and increases efficiency

Operating in any circumstances without additionnal

This compact wireless system, because of a very low power consumption, works only with one battery pack and a solar panel. No additional charging devices are required. For extended daily operation needs, a second battery pack can be added giving up to 24hrs usage. This camera is equipped with a very stable wireless connection and is controlled via a multifunction wireless foot pedal and / or a remote control. It is installed on cranes with a specifically designed universal mounting kit for easy mounting and dismounting.

Increased safety

A load view camera ensures:

  • Better visual communication between the crane operator and personnel on the ground,
  • Improved load positioning on the construction site,
  • Increased reactivity in case of imminent danger,
  • Higher accuracy when operating in hazardous environments,
  • Faster reaction in case of uncontrolled movements of the load.

Built-in quality

Designed for all working environments, the camera ensures good visibility with components specially designed for tower crane environment. The reliability of real-time transmission is ensured in every position of the hook. A built-in heater and specifically designed camera casing help maintain excellent visibility all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

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