Display units

Display units

Information systems for tower cranes : 3 functions in 1: display, datalogger and zoning system which increases safety as well as productivity !

DLZ342: the crane operator’s display

Installed in the crane driver’s cabin, the DLZ342 provides the crane operator with all the information needed:

  • Date and time
  • Load weight
  • Moment
  • Slew position
  • Radius position
  • Hook height
  • Travelling position
  • Wind speed
  • Luffing jib angle
  • Reeving

DLZ342: the memory of the crane

The DLZ342, records important crane data:

  • Number of working hours.
  • Total load lifted
  • Analysis of lifting cycles
  • Details of the 10 last lifting cycles
  • The last 2000 recorded events

Information logged by the DLZ342 can be simply transferred to a computer by using a USB memory stick.

They are easy to read as they are presented under the forms of graphs and charts with MS Excel®

DLZ342: zoning safety

To go further, the DLZ342 also integrates a zoning system.

Ideal for a stand-alone crane which does not need a complete anticollision/zoning system, the DLZ342 is very easy to program and use with its graphical view of the site and prohibited zones.

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