With over 30 years of experience, SMIE continues to lead the way in the development and use of anti-collision systems for lifting machines around the world. Ever innovative, SMIE introduces its new generation of anti-collision system: “ProSITE Safety”. This modern system builds upon the fundamentals that made SMIE’s reputation over the years: product quality and reliability, accuracy in the management of safety and a strong relationship with the end-users. “ProSITE Safety” is a user-friendly, total lift management solution, easy to install and set, providing much more than security alone.

The new anti-collision generation

Innovative sensors and superior calculation capacities for advanced security

UC50 – greatly increased calculation capacities Up to 3 anti-collision radio networks managed in a single system. Integrated and easily accessible data-logging of events. Increased connectivity with 3 analog inputs V/C. Integrated serial Interface for communication with crane PLCs. Simplified software upgrade. Easy OEM integration. Optimized anti-collision management Improved control of fault conditions for maximum safe utilisation of adjacent cranes. Advanced management of crane deceleration under differing external conditions.

Independent Service Network for greater productivity

The addition of a second radio network independent from the anti-collision calculation allows “ProSITE Safety” to open a new world of advanced applications, combining security and productivity in one user-friendly system. With its many new features, “ProSITE Safety” simplifies set-up, shortens reconfiguration downtime and provides an innovative communication tool for improved lift management

High performance touch-screen for improved operator control

“ProSITE Safety” is equipped with a modern LED touch-screen display giving the operator a perfect understanding of his working environment for optimal use of his crane.

Improved presentation of working areas and visibility of other cranes’ activity, “ProSITE Safety” eliminates the impact of normal safety devices on site efficiency.

ProSITE Site Global Management by SMIE

ProSITE is a new software dedicated to jobsite management, opened to the future and Installed in one click on any tablet, laptop... With a wide product range, including “ProSITE Safety”, ProSITE now offers many new functions:

  • Supervision - global crane movement shown in real time, all in one place
  • Weather and crane activity history
  • Remote by-pass of anti-collision function
  • Remote quarantine of cranes out of service
  • Simplified management of zoning - creation, activation, deactivation …
  • Shared planning of cranes’ activity, operation bookings …

ProSITE combines Safety, Productivity and Profitability in a single new jobsite solution


A new solution

  • New design
  • Supervisor included
  • Data Logger
  • The historic site
  • Simplified use
  • Ease programming
  • Upgradeable
  • ... And much more

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